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Shopping for Lularoe is a bit non-traditional. Everything is about the “pop-up boutiques” and social media. No brick and mortar… no online shopping carts. It’s all about personalizing the experience of style. Check out our facebook page to see whats in stock. It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3.
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The FIRST THING you have to do is JOIN our Facebook group.  It is a closed group, so you can’t shop (or even see the inventory) without being a member.  Click the link below and click join on our Facebook page.  Our Admins will add you ASAP.


Once you have JOINED and been ADDED to the Facebook group, the pictures of individual styles below will link you directly to the Facebook album with the current inventory.  Have fun people… Browse to your heart’s content!


When you find something you want in the Facebook albums, simply comment on that image through Facebook. Say something like “I want this” or “sold” and just like that.. it’s yours. We will invoice you separately and ship it out. EASY!